FAQ for Adults

What can a registered psychotherapist/registered social worker or counselling-therapist do for me?
A therapist is primarily recommended for individuals experiencing symptoms of psychological and/or emotional distress and life challenges. If you are experiencing depression, anxiousness, life changes, or there is a sense of uncertainty in your life and/or you don’t feel fully in control of your life, seeking help from a psychotherapist/social worker or counselling-therapist may help you. If you and/or a loved one are discontent, having problems that you are finding difficult to resolve or cope with on your own, or feel you are not living up to your life potentials, as therapists we can help by empowering you and/or your loved one to further develop self-awareness and understanding while encouraging and supporting your efforts in improving your quality of life, mental health and overall wellbeing. So whether you want to learn how to cope with a recent diagnosis or you want to work through your own personal life endeavours, speaking with a therapist is certainly an option for you.

How do I know if I need counselling?
Only you can come to the decision to try counselling. However, often a family physician or someone within the medical field may recommend that you seek counselling. Just talking to someone confidentially, that has no relation to you and can remain objective, can help you in a time of distress, talking through the problems while exploring your feelings, in order to develop healthy ways of coping, thus letting you live the life you so deserve and desire. A free 30 minute consultation is offered prior to any counselling treatment plan. Call or email today to find out if counselling is right for you!

How many sessions will I need?
Treatment plans involving in-person sessions generally consist of no less then 6-8 visits. Closer to the latter treatment course we will revisit the treatment plan to see if further and additional care is necessary. Short term, long term counselling and maintenance sessions are all available.

How immediate will the results be?
Results vary with each individual depending on how complex the issues are. However, on average progression and results can often be seen within 6-8 sessions.

How much will this cost and what forms of payment are accepted?
Costs vary so they are quoted after the initial free consultation visit. In many cases, private insurances or EAPs (work insurances) and extended work benefits will cover an allotted amount of sessions. Payments are accepted via debit, mastercard, and visa. Keeping receipts for private services, that are not covered by insurance, provided are recommended in order to submit with your yearly taxes. Your cost will be calculated during the free thirty-minute consultation. Please check with your insurance company for available coverage.

Can I bring someone to the session with me?
Yes you are welcome to bring someone to a session or even to the initial visit. Whether they are there for support or to work through some concerns in order to help you to progress within your treatment, those individuals/loved ones are always welcome.

I feel like I will be judged! Will I?
No, you will not be judged! As a therapist the position entails developing and/or heightening an individual’s sense of his or her own overall well-being. This includes examining and building on self awareness, self esteem and assertiveness, acknowledging that there is a psychological matter at hand. Furthermore learning how to cope with and overcome life challenges whether they involve an anxiety disorder, eating disorder, coping with a physical illness, learning challenges, mood disorder, personality disorder, relationships, self esteem/assertive issues and/or stress, we will work together through the challenges that present themselves in your life. This profession calls for a nonjudgmental, compassionate, caring approach and environment where you can feel comfortable to share and progress.