Meet the Team

Angela Szameit

Angela Szameit, MCP, Registered Psychotherapist

From the time Angela founded the centre, she has maintained a holistic approach to counselling. Clinically, her work encompasses diverse and specialized treatment approaches. In addition to addressing symptoms such as, anxiety and depressive mood, her goal is to help you build on your strengths and grow as a person, which are key components of the psychotherapy process. Angela’s professional focus as a Registered Psychotherapist is to support the mental health needs of a multitude of demographics including; children ages 5+, teens, adults, seniors, and families. Her approach is supportive, insightful, compassionate, and encouraging throughout your healing process and she will work with you through all of your personal life challenges and endeavours. Angela currently offers practicum and external CRPO supervision to qualified individuals.
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Raechel Philbert, MCP, Registered Psychotherapist

Raechel’s approach as a Registered Psychotherapist is personalized to your specific needs. She understands that internal as well as environmental challenges can impact one’s ability to thrive. Raechel has experience working in a variety of settings with individuals and families ages 5 and older. Her priority is to facilitate the exploration of and to overcome life’s challenges through the use of behavioural modification, mindfulness, solution-focused, and client-centred approaches, among others. Raechel provides compassionate support in a confidential, non-judgmental, and safe environment to assist you with overcoming your personal challenges.
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Tenny Keshishian, MCP, Registered Psychotherapist

Tenny offers an individualistic and holistic approach based on your unique needs. She recognizes the influence of the internal and external components of our lives and incorporates them to aid your journey toward growth and development. She has worked within a diverse variety of community settings, with families, couples, and individuals ages 10 and older. As a registered psychotherapist, Tenny utilizes a combination of varying therapeutic interventions, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, and EMDR. Most of all, she offers compassionate, flexible and non-judgemental support while working to empower you and meet your goals.
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Vanessa Ruffolo, MCP, Registered Psychotherapist (qualifying)

Vanessa’s approach is both holistic and personalized to meet each individual’s needs. She comprehends and respects different aspects of what may impact one’s mental health and life challenges. She joins the practice with a range of experiences in mental health in both hospital and local community settings. Vanessa will offer various treatment options including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. Additionally, she specializes in Virtual Reality Therapy to treat symptoms for anxiety, OCD, ADHD, depression, and phobias. Vanessa is looking forward to working with clients ages 5 years and up, bringing additional support to the community.
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Tracey Roberston, Director of Administration and Counselling Services

Tracey oversees all administrative procedures regarding our mental health services provided at Georgetown Counselling Centre. As the centre’s director, Tracey will work with you to select the therapist best suited to your mental health needs. She will provide you with insight on both the individual and group therapy programs and workshops available. Tracey provides expert assistance with registration, appointment scheduling, billing, and most importantly, connecting you with your mental health service provider.

Danielle Lenarduzzi, MCP, Registered Psychotherapist (qualifying)

Danielle offers a holistic and client-centered approach to counselling which gives her a deep understanding of internal and external factors contributing to your mental health functioning. She will collaborate with you to create a treatment plan best suited to your unique needs. Her treatment goal is to help you build on your strengths to achieve empowerment and positive behaviour change, using a combination of therapeutic interventions. Danielle has experience working in various community settings, supporting clients of all abilities including; individuals ages 5+, couples, and families, while always remaining empathetic and respectful of diverse backgrounds.

Assistant Therapist, Counselling Assistant (MCP Candidate)

An Assistant Therapist’s education and practical experience has prepared them for a career in supporting the mental health needs of children ages 10+, teens, and adults. They are here to support individuals who are in need of immediate mental health services and to offer comprehensive, compassionate, and supportive resources to clients from diverse backgrounds, with varying needs. They offer a full range of Healthy Mind Programs which are available for all individuals to participate in. Therapist Assistants offer cost efficient/sliding scale therapy services for private clients.